Experience Your Wholeness Retreat: September 2022

Experience Your Wholeness Retreat: September 2022

Excite your senses. Awaken your soul.

We cordially invite you to experience a new dimension of luxurious exploration. Introducing our fresh take on spiritual tourism— Experience Your Wholeness at La Esperanza Granada, Spain. A decadent immersion in serenity and unprecedented growth.

This 7-day retreat is splendor and introspection personified. Satisfy the wanderer within and dive deep into the longings of your true self. Rediscover the joy that new experiences bring while you gently reacquaint yourself with your authentic being. 

Learn what true freedom feels like as you allow yourself to flourish— nurture your spirit, indulge in the goodness of life itself, and leave behind the demands of everyday life. 

La Esperanza Granada is a majestic hacienda estate unlike any other that sits amidst five hectares of private parks. Join us in developing a healthy relationship with the self by immersing your whole being in healing, pampering, rejuvenation, and awe. 

Lose yourself in the beauty of the sights, and find yourself in the grandeur of this highly curated retreat. Experience your wholeness and discover for yourself just how close you are to creating your own heaven on earth.