Raising Frequencies ™

Raising Frequencies ™

A highly effective program that integrates wellbeing in body, mind, and soul with movement, learning, growth, and creativity; Raising Frequencies empowers individuals to reshape their lives towards thriving. 

Each class is themed differently based on a particular life skill or resource needed, facilitated by Dr. Lia Bernardo or our certified educators, tailored to ignite a heightened sense of awareness and provide invaluable insight in a multitude of ways. Every session follows our standard format — Move, Learn, Grow, Create — which is our method for sustaining wellbeing and high vibrations.  

Sessions run for 1.5 hours, and while we can conduct these classes and workshops sporadically, we recommend sustaining the foundational programs with a Raising Frequencies Class once a month for at least six (6) consecutive months. 

Topics will be determined as the APWG team works closely with HR or management in specifying the programs needed. Workshop themes include (but are not limited to):

  • Self-Motivation
  • Creating Workplace Boundaries
  • Attitudes for Professionalism
  • The Anxiety Cure
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Managing Overwhelm
  • Creating Safety and Comfort
  • Emotional Maturity

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