Enlightened Leadership

Enlightened Leadership

Impact. Purpose. Integrity.

In today’s corporate environment, companies have begun to realize through quantitative analysis that high-performance teams can only be achieved with the proper development of motivation, attitude, and incentives.  

The most productive and most successful leaders are distinguished by the evident high performance of their teams. This is determined by qualities such as attitude, the ability to validate, knowing when to affirm, and channeling negative performance and attitude into positive performance and higher outputs, to name a few.  

Given that these are characteristics not taught in business schools, it is essentially behavioral, therefore experiential. Going beyond motivation, incentives, and rewards, leadership skills are centered on attitude and belief systems that create behavior. 

Learn how to be successful and abundant-centered without limits. These are qualities that lean on foundations of self-love, life purpose, and the ability to create impact with integrity. 

This program is offered as a group workshop or as private sessions with Dr. Lia Bernardo. This is an opportunity to take a deep dive into your core beliefs and adjust them accordingly. Discover the importance of impact, purpose, and integrity in relation to your success and those who are counting on you— because, beyond a required skillset, business is ultimately about relationships.

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