Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Above and beyond team building and group workshops, we offer private sessions that enable individuals to tackle personal needs in relation to their corporate environment. 

Schedule a session on leadership for Upper Management and C-Suites or ‘The Self-love Solution Program’ for in-depth introspection. 

Get in touch with us to curate a specified program that meets your requirements.

Enlightened Leadership

The most productive and most successful leaders are distinguished by the evident high performance of their teams. This is determined by qualities such as attitude, the ability to validate, knowing when to affirm, and channeling negative performance and attitude into positive performance and higher outputs, to name a few.

Given that these are characteristics not taught in business schools, it is essentially behavioral, therefore experiential. Going beyond motivation, incentives, and rewards, leadership skills are centered on attitude and belief systems that create behavior.

Enlightened Leadership is a series of private sessions with Dr. Lia Bernardo that aims to change limiting beliefs and shift you towards learning to become successful and abundant-centered.

The Self-Love Solution

For many people, self-love sounds more like a luxury than a necessity, when in fact, self-love and happiness are inextricably linked. We often overlook how we treat ourselves when we’re met with back-to-back deadlines or simply have the drive to excel, which leads to self-criticism or the persecutory “inner voice.”

The most invaluable gift you can ever give yourself, and those around you, is unconditional love for yourself. This results in proper self-management, respectful boundaries, healthy relationships, and the overall improvement in the quality of your life.

Let us show you how.