The Self-Love Solution for Kids

The Self-Love Solution for Kids

By helping our children understand that they can be in control of their emotions rather than allowing these emotions to control them, we empower the youth to take charge of their own state of being. Children aren’t born with an understanding of their emotions and they don’t inherently know how to express their feelings in the most appropriate ways.

A child who understands how they feel is better prepared to deal with uncomfortable situations and is more likely to perform at their peak. With proper teachings and practice, any child can learn that they can cope with their feelings in a healthy manner.

Kids who know how to regulate their emotions are also able to manage their behavior and keep negative thoughts at bay. For the children who attend her classes and programs, Teacher Lei Sta. Maria has been an instrumental influence in their young lives.

The Self-Love Solution for KIDS is a 12-series program. These are private sessions designed to gently integrate practical and effective methods into your child's daily life, teaching them how to love and appreciate themselves completely.

Happiness and thriving in body, mind, and soul can only be created from within— and this all starts with Self-Love.