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Bliss Room Mist Spray

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Clear all stagnant energies and rejuvenate your spirits, your happiness beckons. 

This invigorating combination of citrus fresh and lavender essential oils will breathe new life to your space; and at the same time, gently awaken your senses and redirect you back to joy. 

Inviting you to live this moment with deep awareness, you will get to experience the full spectrum of the present and indulge in its rich entirety. Both thrilling and comforting, it is stepping back into alignment as you let go of what was and what will be.

Spritz on this room spray and let the rediscovery of the here and now delight your soul.

Bliss is not some distant idea. Bliss is now. Bliss is yours. 

 { Room Mist Spray in Amber Glass Bottle 50ml } 

Blended by Atma Prema Wellbeing Group.


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