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BodyLove Candle

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What if you could add more pleasure to living?

Mindfulness isn’t just about being able to focus your thoughts during meditation, it’s about being fully present in each moment. As much as awareness in the mind is important, equal value must also be given to our sensory experience.

When we ground ourselves in our physical bodies, we allow the Universe to delight us. We experience wonder with every sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch; and the more present we are, the richer these moments become.

We invite you to light that fire within you, and experience the passionate flames of living.

A collaboration between So True Naturals, Rachel Le Roux Art, and Atma Prema Wellbeing Group, this limited edition BodyLove candle is filled with 200 grams of premium soy wax. Created with Ylang-ylang, the 'Goddess of flowers’, to gently awaken your sensuality, and the light calming scent of Verbena.

Appreciate and celebrate joy with all your senses. Gift yourself - or someone you love - the total experience of living. Light a candle and declare to the Universe that you are open to all its miracles and ecstasies.