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Ignite Aura Spray

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What do you do when inspiration eludes you? You create it, of course! And that’s exactly what Nathan Alba did. 💫

The past two years have been an overwhelming roller coaster ride of emotions. It was easy to lose motivation as the world abruptly stopped and turned. Thus, Nathan created this aura spray with the intention and frequency of reigniting our inner flames of inspiration, and gaining clarity, in spite of external events.

”My wish is for this spray to clear away the cobwebs and smoke covering our creativity, so that we may channel inspiration, dreaming, and purpose back into our lives even while we are living in an unpredictable world,” he says.

Designed to ground back to the present moment, this aromatherapy blend contains peppermint, frankincense, bergamot, tea tree, lemon and cedarwood essential oils. It reconnects us to clarity and gratitude, so that we may move forward and create the life of our dreams. 💛

Spray a light mist around your Aura. Breathe and allow yourself to feel the change in your energy and frequency. Go about your day feeling refreshed and energized.✨


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