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Smudge Set

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Clear your space of any lingering energies that no longer serve you with our very own APWG Smudge Set.

A sacred practice the world over, cultures have revered the natural healing properties of the smoke from burning plants and herbs. Sage, in particular, is known to cleanse and purify the atmosphere, while Palo Santo, in addition to its cleansing properties, is believed to attract positivity.

The APWG set contains ethically sourced Palo Santo from Ecuador, and Sage from Mexico.

Gift yourself - or someone you know! - the perfect supplement to this energetic reset. Breathe easy and make room for the radiant energies you are calling in by dispelling the stagnant and the negative.

Strike a match, then purify, and bless your sanctuaries; be it your home, your office, your car, and even your body.

Each smudge set comes with a digital manual and access to an exclusive playlist. 🌟


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