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Wellbeing Care Package

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Ease into the energies of the new year with our Wellbeing Care Package.

We are so used to rushing and always being on the go that the energetic slowdown between the Gregorian and Lunar New Year may have felt unsettling. While that period has always been a time of reset — a period of reflection and release of what no longer serves us — the effects of Venus and Mercury in retrograde made the invitation to go inward a lot more compelling.

Gently perk up your senses, and feel at home in your space and the body you are in. Our Sanctuary line is designed to help you create a sense of safety & security within yourself, while Bliss is to rejuvenate your spirits and bring joy into your life.

Especially curated with essentials for peace and uplifting, this care package contains a Sanctuary Oil Roller, Bliss Room Mist, as well as our very own Sanctuary and Bliss tea blends and tea strainer. A known natural healer, tea-drinking not only remedies physical symptoms, but is also a path to mindfulness, from hand-brewing to savoring every sip.

Spritz some Bliss, go inside your Sanctuary, and enjoy a warm cup of tea.

Let your body and soul know that they're well taken care of.

Enjoy it as a treat for yourself or a gift to someone who needs it.

Love begins with the self, after all.


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